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Zibo YUNFENG Industrial Ceramics Co., Ltd.
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Clp350 Bottom Cone-Centricleaner Nozle Inquire now

product description: 350 double-walled Cleaner is widely used in the pulp and paper industry hydrocyclone systems, to remove impurities from the slurry. Main advantages: high efficiency Cleaner Zibo yunfeng industrial ceramics co., LTD Cone double-walled design and a wide range of head structure Low pressure and thus low energy consumption Overall pressure system allows safe operation at elevated temperatures and reduced air wallets Each cleaner has a sight glass for easy observation Easy removal of the slag outlet plug Closed design reduces pressure leak Technical Parameters Single by volume: 350L / min Into the plasma concentration: 0.3-1.2% Into the plasma pressure: O.2-O.35MPa Single-stage volume weight impurities slagging rate: 6-8% (relative feed slurry flow rate) Single-stage light impurities slagging volume ratio: 10-12% (relative feed slurry flow rate)

Zibo YUNFENG Industrial Ceramics Co., Ltd.
Liu Wa Village Zichuan District
Zibo City, Shandong Province, 山东省
中国 255100
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